The Velocette Owners Club has over 2,500 members worldwide who share an enthusiasm for this classic British motorcycle. (The Velocette Owners Club is for enthusiasts of the single-cylinder Velocette models. There is a separate Club for the enthusiasts of the flat-twin models – please visit the L.E. Velo Club website.)
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The last Velocette factory was in York Road, Hall Green, Birmingham.

Although often recognised by the UK man-in-the-street for the LE Velocette which was familiar to him as the Police "Noddy" bike, the world knew Velocettes for their classic traditional single-cylinder roadsters and racers.
In 1961 a basically standard Velocette Venom roadster became the first and only 500cc motorcycle to average over 100 mph for 24 hours. The unique machine which set this record is on display in the British National Motorcycle Museum. Throughout their history Velocette motorcycles had great racing success as well as setting many records and the production models benefited accordingly.
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A typical Velocette poster from the 1920's.
Congratulations also to Australian Stuart Hooper and his team who have taken the World's Fastest Velocette to a quite remarkable top speed.

The firm started as "Veloce" in 1905, with a factory in Gisholt Passage, Spring Hill, Birmingham and after producing a successful little machine called "the Velocette" the name stuck for the whole firm. There is no "french connection", other than an extremely enthusiastic section of the club in France.
To see the entire 24 page Veloce brochure of 1913 which first announced the Velocette, click Here.
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After a period in Six Ways, Aston, the factory moved to Hall Green before the War and stayed there until its demise in 1971.
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Australian Stuart Hooper in 2014
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