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Anti-Austerity Protest Dublin 9th Feb. 2013


The protests were organised by the ICTU, and as a member of SIPTU, rather than just let others march I got out and joined the numbers.


Thousands of protestors took to the streets across the country this afternoon to highlight the need for reductions in Ireland's bank debt, organised today's protests in counties Dublin, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Limerick and Waterford.


Even with the Irish governments a deal on Anglo's promissory notes and the frantic conclusion of those negotiations, commentators have been divided as to whether it was a good deal for Ireland.


No such divisions existed among the thousands of protestors taking part in the six marches across the country.


They were all doing so under the banner "Lift the burden" and "Jobs not debt" and the common belief that a deal on our debt is not good enough. And the banks still behave as if nothing has happened with big salaries at the top and nothing only words and leaflets full of 'crap' that means nothing to it's customers.


Why are we happy with giving this burden to the children of Ireland, even to those not even born. Shame on our government.


A message to the unions, more action is needed.

Where's me Jumper!

This years autumn winter collection by Noochie is from the tradition of the Aran Islands. A must have jumper for the fun loving adventure dog!



Singing Dogs

Spotted, well you could not miss the singing of these three on George's Street, Dublin.



Have Price Bikes

You need to say this with a Dublin accent to get it. Seen near Caple Street, Dublin.



Dublin Doorway

Interesting take on the Dublin Doorway that I found while collecting my post in Phibsbro (Phibsbrough), Dublin.



D'Side Magazine

Found some of my old D'Side Magazine which I founded way back in the '90s.



Pecha Kucha T-Shirt


Eugene Laverty wins in Portugal

Eugene wins the second race at the World Super Bike race in Portugal and dedicates it to his friend Sean Hurley who died last year. Well done Eugene, and of course no mention of any of this in the Irish News.



Irish Economy T-Shirt

This is one of an on-going project as the global recession seems to not be going away but bouncing from one crisis to another, be they the economies such as in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece etc. or social movements such as the Arab Spring, Occupy movement, The 99% Spring. These have inspired conferences such as “Occupy the System—Confronting Global Capitalism” held in PACE University, NYC. These movements are growing worldwide as the people of the earth can see the inequalities caused by poor governments, large corporations and the financial systems that are at the root of the problems. I am creating a number of t-shirts in a set called "Occupy the Shirt", t-shirts that deal with social issues in visual, fun and thought provoking way.