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ChinaBridge is an Irish registered company
that facilitates contact, cooperation and synergy
between components of the Chinese economy
and their natural counterparts in Ireland

We make connections between the Chinese and the Irish economy to the benefit of everyone. ChinaBridge smooths the way through the red tape and cultural differences and ensures that you make the right connections.

Chinabridge is an Irish registered company that facilitates contact, cooperation and synergy between components of the Chinese economy and their natural counterparts in Ireland. The Chinese Department of Foreign Affairs substantially funds this activity.

We can help with our liaison, communication and translations services. We work with you and your company to facilitate a close working relationship between the right people and the counterpart organisations. ChinaBridge works with Government bodies, Universities, Public Sector and Private companies.

ChinaBridge is helping Irish companies and organisations do business in China. With our help your visit can run smoothly and efficiently.

What we do at ChinaBridge

As the Chinese economy emerges your organisation can benefit and learn from lessons already learnt in developed countries. Helping your organisation avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that Irish organisations both public and private have made in the past, can save both time and money.

The scope of delegations that ChinaBridge has helped to connect with ranges from banking, legal, financial, health, social welfare, education, environment, architecture, waste management and training. There have been may fact-finding missions beyond these.

We have helped make connections with the National Standards Authority, Department of Health, Social Welfare, the Office of the Ombudsman, the University sector including Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the Education and Training Board (ETB) and many more state bodies, organisations and businesses.

In the last ten years, we have delivered a range of services to clients in China across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including information technology, energy, healthcare, food and public sector.

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Trinity College Dublin recognised on the world stage for academic excellence. The historic campus is located in the heart of the city centre.

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Trinity College Library, Dublin establishment in 1592 and it is the largest library in Ireland.

Our philosophy is uncompromising excellent service

Geoff Burne, a graduate of Trinity College, assisted by his Chinese born wife Yanhui Li set up Chinabridge in 2004. We connect components of the Chinese public sector with their reciprocal Irish enterprises.

Although the initial focus of our activity has been business visits from China to Ireland, most visits have an inevitable concomitant short holiday so we find ourselves being asked to provide any aspect of tour management where reliability and excellence are essential. Our long developed reputation has dragged us into pure tourism where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

With our philosophy of uncompromising excellent service we enjoy a reputation of substance in the delivery of education and education seminars, courses and conferences.

This solid reputation has boosted our recommendations and, as a result, increased the number of governmental and, commercial Chinese entities and private clients who are interested in what we, together with our Irish strategic partners, can do for them.

ChinaBridge caters for individual needs making your visit hassle-free and worry-free

Working with your delegation leader to identify the discussion theme and scope of the visit. Fact-finding missions abroad explore themes in which all participants (delegates and host) share an interest, this is ChinaBridges goal.

Visits can be short fact-finding mission to longer training and working with indigenous companies in Ireland or China.

We inspect, price, approve and recommend every hotel and room type proposed for our clients. We have negotiated corporate rates with many of the hotels in regular use. We discourage clients from China booking direct because their negotiated rate is unlikely to beat the rate for Chinabridge and adding to the parties participating in the hotel booking often creates scope for error and confusion.

Our contracted strategic partners range from qualified independent hotels to major international chains including: Hilton Group, TIFCO Hotel group, Radisson Group, Four Seasons Hotel, Clyde Court Hotel, Ballsbridge Hotel to name but a few.

We offer professional, efficient and discrete chauffeur drive services along with a wide range of passenger transportation services to our customers and their guests.

We are committed to ensure that our guests arrive at their meetings and event locations on time.

ChinaBridge supply luxury coaches (17/29/33/35/49/55 seats) depending on the size of your group and chauffeured limousines.

From our client feedback form we see that our guides receive the highest possible appraisals by the delegation leaders. Apart from intimate knowledge of the tour destinations we know that the important quality of the courier is to catalyse a mood of relaxation and good humour.

Client satisfaction is our goal at ChinaBridge

Our satisfied clients include the Chinese Embassy, UCD, semi-state bodies, and private clients including senior members of the legal and accountancy professions. Such as China Commercial Bank Dublin Office, CRH, Dimplex.

Our range of experience includes the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping and many ministerial visits.

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Contact us at ChinaBridge